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  1. I haven't posted on the blog for quite a while as I have been busy starting and settling into my position as a midwife, I am now having a few days off to enjoy lambing time at home.   

    My pedigree Suffolk sheep called Hazel was first to lamb again.  She was scanned for twins however she gave birth to triplets.  My dad lambed the first two as one was breach and she was struggling.  She was put into a pen to help bond with the two lambs and then later that evening she gave birth to another lamb!   As the other two had fed off her (dad had to milk her out and tube Jack & Jill) including the most important first feed of colostrum.  Mum made some powdered colostrum milk up and tubed the lamb.   So we have Jack, Jill and Josie.  Hazel decided she didn't want three lambs and started butting and not liking Jill so we have mothered this lamb on to another sheep who had given birth to just one single lamb.  Jack & Josie were a bit slow getting going and also had to be tubed for a few days and then Hazel had started with mastitis and has now gone to just feed on one udder!  So we are supplementary feeding Jack & Josie still.

    All the other lambs are fathered by a Texel ram (Stanley) who we bought in late summer.  They are looking good.

    Lots of photos taken around the lambing shed....

    Lamb 2024

    SIngle lamb 2024

    Twin lambs with mother 2024

    Twin lambs 2024

    Suffolk Lamb bottle 2024

    Suffolk Lamb 2024

    Sleeping Lamb 2024