Thornbrook Barn Caravan Site
 North Yorkshire
 LA6 3PD


 Telephone: 01524241432               Web Address:

  email address:  [email protected]

Your arrival on site:  A hail and ride bus service operates close to the site entrance with services to Ingleton Community Centre, Settle and Kirkby Lonsdale.   The site entrance is 60 metres from the A65.  There is a site sign at the entrance to the site.  

When arriving on site new arrivals may pull up on the left in a designated 'Arrivals Parking' area.  There is no designated reception area;  guests are instructed prior to arrival to call at the house prior to pitching up. The walk is down an incline over compacted gravel and level flagstones.  Staff will meet guests at the house door with instructions and a site plan.   If this should prove difficult then guests should prior to arrival email or telephone and we can arrange for guests to go directly to their allocated pitch.

There is no induction loop system installed.

Your Pitch: There are no pitches permanently designated for disabled people but there is one Super Serviced pitch and two Standard Pitches in close proximity to the facilities.  There is one dedicated car parking space adjacent to the facilities.    The site consists of 30 x  Serviced pitches, 11 x Standard Pitches and 1 Smaller Standard pitch for a campervan/Motorhome upto 6m.

All pitch bases are compacted crushed gravel as is the site access roads.  Electric points are 600-700mm in height although some are lower.  Parking is always available on the pitch.

Taps on the Super Pitches are 700-800 in height, with the greywater drain at ground level.

Pitches are generally level, although the landscaping of the site means that the access to and from the CDP and freshwater/greywater waste access for some of the pitches is on an incline over compacted crushed stone.    There is limited tv reception due to the surrounding trees.

Your facilities (non-disabled):  There is one facility block on site with access over compacted crush stone. and block paved path surround the facility. Both male and female toilet blocks are almost of identical in layout with a threshold of 10mm.  The entrance doors have a width of 840mm into a lobby area.  The doors open outwards and lead to an inner door of the same width which pushes inwards.   The lights in all areas operate on a motion sensor.   

There are shower cubicles with a door width of 580mm and the shower area inside has a width of 1090mm.   The shower units are at a height of 1900mm and are operated by push button which is at a height of 1170mm.   The heads are fixed to the wall and are not adjustable.   A bench in each of the shower cubicle areas are at a height of 780mm and there are three coat hooks in each cubicle of at a height of 1680mm.

There are vanity unit cubicles with a door width of 580mm.  The sinks are 800mm high inset in a counter with a mirror over the sink at 1300mm high.
Hand wash basins in the open area are 830mm high with a soap dispenser at 1040mm high and hand dryer at 900mm high.  A coin operated hairdryer (20p) is available in the female facilities.  This is positioned at 1340mm.

Toilet cubicles have a door width of 580mm.  Toilet seats are at a height of 400mm and the push flush is located on the cistern top at a height of 800mm.

Your accessible facilities:  The sites accessible room is opened with a key available obtained when checking in for a £5.00 refundable deposit.   Acess is over a 10mm threshold and through a door with a width of 970mm.   The pull handle is 880mm from the floor and there is a rear horizontal handle at 820mm.  A clothes hook is 1m from the floor. 

The toilet seat is 490mm high with no seat extension available.  It is a right hand dismount with plenty of handrails to help.  The flushlever  is on the cistern at 880mm high.   The hand wash sink is 720mm high with lever taps that are reachable from the toilet.  There is no plug/stopper on the sink.   The paper towel dispenser is at a height of 780mmm

The shower area has a shower control (temperature & waterflow) which  is 1000mm high and is lever operated.  There is an adjustable head on a riser 1000mm-1600mm high. 

A height adjustable freestanding shower stool (minimum height 470mm / maximum height 620mm) is positioned in the shower area with integral grip handles.   Maximum user weight 190kg/30st.   A further round stool is positioned in the wetroom also (seat height  356 - 534mm/maximum user weight 136kg/21st).

Two alarm cords are both reachable from the floor.  The room light is on an automatic sensor. 

Your pot wash area:  A covered pot wash area with a level threshold is accessible on the gable end of the building.  The entrance is 1180mm wide. The sink with lever taps is 920mm high. The room light is on a sensor.

Water, fire and evacuation:  There are two water service points on the site.  The first point is at the entrance to the site and includes the Chemical Disposal Point for the site.   The grey water waste tap is positioned at a height of 920mm with the drain grate at ground level and the fresh water tap is 900mm.   The Chemical Disposal Point has an entrance width of 850mm.  There is a lid to open to access the point and is at a height of 460mm with the tap height at 890mm.   There is a motorhome drop point (drive over with removable lid for greywater waste only).

The second water service points are at the facilities block.  The freshwater tap is 860mm from the ground and the grey water waste is 860mm from the ground with a drain grate at ground level. 

Three fire points are on the site.  The first one is on the East gable of the facilties block with a rotary bell alarm and extinguishers and the second one is located alongside pitch 9 with a fire triangle for notification of emergency on site and extinguishers.  A further one is between pitches 15 & 16 with a fire triangle for notification of emergency on site and extinguishers.  Notification of evacuations procedure can be found on all fire points.

Miscellaneous Information:  The access road is tarmac and roads around the site are compact gravel.  Both pedestrians and vehicles use these.  A 5mph speed limit is enforced.  The visitor car park is adjacent to the facilities block.  There is a designated space for 'Disabled' parking.  The amenity block and welcome area at the house is well illuminated but the remainder of the site is not lit.