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  1. We are near the end of lambing time with plenty of lambs to feed.  We had one arrival in the early hours, a hogg lambed giving birth to a single lamb which was a tup (male).  A hogg is a one year old sheep.   

    We are now seeing curlews, wild ducks and oyster catchers and other birds returning to our private woodland.  The pheasants are particularly vocal!

    Further sheep and lambs have been turned out into the pastures that surround the site and our house after giving birth inside the farm building.  It is great to see the lambs playing by the stream side, running and skipping in groups.

    If you are staying on our site and would like to see the lambs then knock on the house door and ask....don't forget your wellies!


            CIMG5201       CIMG5204



    by Ella Hodkinson age11